Q.What is Astro pearl / Diamond Software and for whom?

  • Astro software is for the usage of astrologers across the globe to have correct planetary and houses calculations to predict events for their client and also for giving auspicious times for celebrations of marriage, house warming etc.

Q.What features the ASTRO software have?

  • Best Suited Software for Krishnamurti Paddhati
  • Most accurate KP Software designed by KP Astrologer
  • Multi-lingual (English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi,Gujarati ++)
  • Innovative canvas Interface for faster interpretation and for accuracy in prediction
  • Charts Tagging to Multiple Categories & Sub-categories for Research & Presentations
  • Chart uploading and downloading from KPAF Cloud. Ease of sharing from Pearl
  • KP Matchmaking as per KSK (Compare Multiple charts)
  • Floating Prediction, Notes and Matchmaking Notes for quick capture of finer threads
  • EVENT Prediction Significators (Rule Builder)
  • Complete Rahu-Ketu Significators
  • Fruitful Significators
  • KP Dynamic Hora based Prediction
  • Western & Indian Aspects
  • 12000 Places in Pearl & Integrated online Map for Any Place in world.Lat/Long Selection
  • Transits of Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Ascendant As advised by Prof. KSK
  • Profession & Education Guidance modules with 200+ rules
  • ‘Opponent’ feature for Elections & Sports events
  • Sub-Harmonics for refinement of prediction
  • Standard KP (ABCDE) Significators
  • Four Step Significators
  • KP Natal(Birth), Horary and Number System 249 and 2193
  • North, South,Eastern and Western charting
  • Comparative Ruling Planets for Birth and Transit
  • Dasa, Bhukti, Antara & Sukshma
  • Lagna Dasha System (LDS)
  • Relational charts
  • South and North Simple charts(Used for Aspects)
  • Western Aspects
  • Cuspal and Planetary Aspects
  • Directional Aspects (Western)
  • Vedic Spatakavarga Charts and Ashtakavarga Table & Divisional Charts
  • Vedic Bhavamadhya and Bhavarambhasytem
  • Vedic 36-point Matchmaking
  • Panchangam with Tithi, Yoga, Karan, Nakshatra &Rahukalam, Yamagandam, Durmuhuratam
  • Planetary Ephemeris
  • Ascendant (Lagna) Ephemeris (one hour & 2 hours interval)
  • Muhurtha for generating auspicious times for various events
  • Annual Horoscope module
  • Birth Time Rectification

Q. What operating systems can Astro Pearl / Astro Diamond software be installed on?

  • Astro Pearl / Diamond works on Windows. Later we will develop cross platform software.

Q. Installation on Windows 10 and 11

  • Install the programs as Administrator by double clicking the Installer
  • It installs the software on the selected folder by you and crates a shortcut icon on your desktop
  • Double click on the Astro Pearl / Diamond icon and the software will be launched. It does not normally require the restart of windows.

If you still have problems with opening and running the software

  • Restart your windows
  • Close down all programs, including your browser
  • If you still have problems:
    Run as Administrator by right clicking on the Astro Icon on your desktop

Q.How Many Languages Supports Astro Pearl / Diamond Software?

  • English, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi.

Q.Can I run Astro Pearl / Diamond software on a Mac?

  • Unfortunately Astro Pearl / Diamond is not available on the Mac, though you can install and run it if you have a Windows emulator like Soft Windows installed on your Mac. We are working on making cross-platform software that will work on Mac, iPhone and Android

Q.How can I make a pdf of report in Astro software?

  • All reports are generated in PDF and can be saved on your computer and can be shared as PDF

Q.How to Subscribe Astro Software ?

A detailed subscription process is provided on https://astrouser.com  You can click the product on the home page for getting more details on how to subscribe and renew.

Q.Where can I save my reports on computer?

You can save your reports in any directory of your choice. The default directory is ASTRO-Reports

Q.How Can I retrieve data when software or computer crash?

The ASTRO software has a provision to take a backup on your computer and then restore from it in case of data crash.  The backup can also be directly taken to the removable drive to have guaranteed restoration in case of total crash of windows on the computer

Q.How to backup my database in Software?

On Utilities Menu on the main Menu bar, click on ASTRO DB-Backup for the backup of the database and Astro DB-Restore for restoring the same

Q.How to Upgrade/Downgrade my subscription?

Login through the link https://astrouser.com/renewal-subscription/ for renewals and for change of product.  On confirming through OTP, you will be logged in your account where you can change the product on renewal of subscription to Upgrade from Pearl to Diamond and from Diamond to Pearl for downgrade

Q. How can we contact Astrouser?
You can contact us at support@astrouser.com for any issues with the subscription or technical problems in the usage of software. We are generally very prompt at replying. Alternatively, you can open a ticket on helpdesk on https://astrouser.com with specifying the issue you are facing.

Q.Which payment gateway does Astrouser use?
We are currently using payment gateway services of Instamojo.

Q. How to subscribe Astro Software?
You can subscribe through website link to use our software from below url :https://astrouser.com/product-subscription/