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Astrouser.com has been created with the intention of providing unique platform to all the users of the divine science Astrology for seeking guidance, providing astrological services, sharing views, publishing articles, sharing research to develop the science further with a focus on propagation of KP astrology in the world.

We also have a Astro-Market Place where visitors can choose an astrologer from a panel for the astrological advice on various subjects. You can also showcase and transact with the visitors by offering your services as astrologer duly mentioning fees and the time required for delivery of the each service. The Market Place is a unique place for seeking reliable astrology services based on your birth chart or based on the time chart and KP number chart.

A unique software is developed for the usage of Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) astrologers which has many unique features which none of the astrology software in the market offers. The software has a very accurate calculation engine which ensures correct Planetary and House positions which is the backbone of the KP system. The sublord and sub-sublords are available for the planets and houses. The software has two versions Pearl and Diamond. The advanced Diamond version provides Birth Time Rectification module based on the original KP system founded by Param Guru Prof. K.S.Krishnamurti. ‘Diamond version also has Muhurtha, Annual Horoscope, Profession and Education Modules and all the functionalities of Astro-Pearl. The Pearl version has Four step significators, Original KP significators, Sub-Harmonics system, Ruling Planets, Special signification of Rahu and Ketu, Transits, Opponent and Western Aspects modules. The software is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Gujrati languages. Astrologer can share his/her charts with other astrologers through a KPAF cloud. The KP based matchmaking is a unique module in Pearl and Diamond to provide accurate marriage match-making as envisaged by Prof. K.S.K. The best part about the ASTRO – It is available on a subscription basis which is a pioneering effort by us to make unique software available at an affordable monthly subscription fee.

The website provides you Time chart at the moment, Ruling Planets and Daily Panchang all at a glance on the home page free of cost. The unique feature of this website ensures that you can predict on any subject just by browsing our website with the knowledge on usage of the Ruling planets and the time chart. The site provides you access to unique articles on how to use KP system and other useful topics like remedies and detailed analysis of charts.

Astrouser has a good collection of Videos, Power-Points throwing light on nuances of KP astrology for learners and the experts both. The Blog section provides you to express your views on various topics and learn from the KP community.

Astrouser wants to bring astrological services to the door step of a common man and wants to restore the confidence in the Science of Astrology. Astrouser is launched with the purpose of extending the benefits of knowledge of Astrology beyond limits. The motto behind the total endeavor is to serve the mankind based on the principles of Indian Astrology, with the blessings of Almighty. Astrouser team is dedicated to provide full product support to all products and services being offered by astrouser.com
You can join the KP Astrologers forum on www.kpaf.in which is dedicated to the development of KP Astrology across the globe. The membership details are on the kpaf.in website. The Forum organizes physical and online meets and International Summits on KP astrology from time to time. The forum discusses contemporary issues and supports KP based research for the help of budding and expert KP astrologers. The forum also publishes international journals from time to time.

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