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Agreement between user seeking astrologer services and the website

  • A user seeking an astrological service can choose to select an astrologer and the kind of service the astrologer offers. The website and its management are not responsible for the advice given by the chosen astrologer or for the consequences of actions taken by the user based on the chosen astrologer's advice.
  • The user agrees to pay for the services sought before initiating the astrological services at the astrologer's end.
  • The user can give feedback on satisfaction with the service rendered and give reviews which will be helpful for other users to take the service from the selected astrologer.
  • The website does not prescribe which method to be used by the astrologer for prediction, though it advocates Krishnamurti paddhati for logical predictions.
  • It is advisable for the user to ask one specific question and provide the background to answer that question. In the case of Krishnamurti paddhati number-based question, the user has to give the number thinking about the question to be answered by the astrologer.
  • In the case of birth Chart reading, the user has to provide the date of birth, place of birth, the time of birth, and how accurate the time of delivery could be.
  • In the case of birth Chart rectification services, the user to provide birth details and how far the birth time could be from the given birth time. He also has to provide major events in his life in order to tally the rectified birth chart. The major events could be entering the 1st job, starting the 1st business, marriage date, date of birth of the 1st child, et cetera.
  • The users should note that the service fee refund is not possible unless the user justifies that the astrologer has provided incorrect service.
  • In the case of horary or Prasna (single question) service, the user should ask for only one question and not multiple questions worded as a single question.
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