Payment KP Suvarchas


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New Functionalities

  • Language Change is given in Settings. Not required to go to Defaults
  • Place Panel background changed to neutral color. Longitude E/W and Latitude N/S are locked to the selected place.
  • Relation Change – New Relation is removed from the Home page Relation selection box. It is available only in Settings/Relations

Bug Fixes

  • In Cloud menu – Member Login was not working. Fixed.
  • Sub Category on the home page is linked to enabling of the Category
  • In Client- Edit/View – Update Client is located at the right corner and Delete button in the middle with color change. Auto Close on Update Client
  • In Client – New – Add Client is located at the right most corner and auto close on clicking the same


1. DONOT UNINSTALL the ASTRO for update. Just run the update and it will do the needful.
2. Use AstroDB backup function from utilities to backup your database before proceeding.