Astro Pearl

Astro Pearl
Best Suited Software for Krishnamurti Paddhati Most accurate KP Software designed by KP Astrologer

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Reveal Your Destiny
KP, Vedic & Western Astrology Software

Best Suited Software for Krishnamurti Paddhati
Most accurate KP Software designed by KP Astrologer

Unique Features:

  • Multi-lingual (English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi ++)
  • Innovative canvas Interface for faster interpretation and for accuracy in prediction
  • Charts – Tagging to Multiple Categories& Sub-categories for Research, Presentations and Thesis
  • KP-Matchmaking (Compare Multiple charts)
  • Floating Prediction, Notes and Matchmaking Notes for quick capture of finer threads and auto-transfer to reports
  • EVENT Prediction Significators (Rule Builder)
  • Complete Rahu-Ketu Significators
  • Fruitful Significators
  • KP Dynamic Hora based Prediction
  • Western & Indian Aspects
  • 12000 Places in Pearl & Lat, Long &Timezone capture from Map for Any Place
  • Transits of Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Ascendant As advised by Prof. KSK
  • Profession & Education Guidance modules
  • “Opponent” feature for Elections & Sports events
  • SUB-Harmonics

Special Features:

  • Standard KP (ABCDE) Significators
  • Four Step Significators
  • KP Natal(Birth), Horary and Number System 249 and 2193
  • North, South and Western charting
  • Comparative Ruling Planets
  • Dasa, Bhukti, Antara&Sukshma
  • LagnaDasha System (LDS)
  • Relational charts
  • South and North Simple charts(Used for Aspects)
  • Western Aspects
  • Cuspal and Planetary Aspects
  • Directional Aspects (Western)
  • Vedic Spatakavarga Charts and AshtakavargaTable
  • Vedic 36-point Matchmaking
  • Planetary Ephemeris
  • Ascendant (Lagna) Ephemeris (one hour & 2 hours interval)


  • TRUE & MEAN Rahu & Ketu
  • ORB setting to user choice – personal customization
  • Ayanamsha- Original KP, New KP, Striaght Line, Lahiri, Raman
  • No limitation on Places, Get even a remote village in your Pearl
  • Switching On/Off for Uranus, Neptune & Pluto to Declutter
  • Relation can be defined and stored in Pearl for your future use
  • Placidus, Vedic & Western House Systems

Learning: Knowledge module to learn more on house, planets and signs properties


  • Data Back-up and Restore
  • Export selected chartsto another Pearl
  • Import selected charts from other Pearl
  • Transfer Charts from ASTRO 5.0 to Pearl


  • Personality Report based on position of Ascendant, Sun and Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in chart
  • One-page special report for KP-Astrologers(Planets, Houses, Running DBA & RP)
  • DBA Report (Complete Dasha/Bhuktis and Running Antara)
  • Prediction Report(Based on Prediction Notes of Astrologer)
  • Category-wise Report (Clubbing charts for research)
  • Clients &Charts Report
  • FullKP Report for Client
  • Full Vedic Report for Client

*PDF Reports generates in English &Indian languages


  • Tinwinji’s KP Rules
  • Birth chart Analysis Template
  • Horary Chart Analysis Template
  • KP-SubLord Table

Resolution Support:Minimum 1366 X 768

Windows Support : Windows X, Windows 8 and Windows 7


VersionRelease DateFeaturesDownload
  1. Themes introduced- Default (Orange), Blue & Violet – To enhance user experience, better than any astrology software in the market
  2. EASTERN type chart style is added to South, North & Western Wheel styles
  3. Vedic system – Bhavarambha house system is added to Bhavamadhya method. Switching for Bhavarambha /Bhavamadhya is provided in Settings and user can see both charts side by side through a menu provided under ‘Charts’ menu
  4. Vedic – Shukla Paksha/Krishna Paksha and Karan is now added
  5. For ease of navigation- Shortcuts are provided e.g Alt+A for pressing accept key. Alt+ R for Ruling Planets, Ctrl+R for Rahu/Ketu menu. All shortcuts can be found under settings
  6. Marriage-Matches can now be stored/saved against any Client in the database
  7. Reports – Marriage Match-making and Prediction Report are added
  8. Menus are Enabled/Disabled as per the method selected. Eg. For Vedic system – KP related menus like significators and Ruling Planets, KP number system tab etc. will not be shown. For KP method – Ashtakavarga , Bhavarambha house system will not be shown.
  9. KP Number for Number chart is now shown inside the Chart.
  10. Minor fixes in western aspects (for KP method)


(*Warning: DONOT UNINSTALL the ASTRO for update. Just run the update and it will do the needful)

1.106/04/2019Added Category Wise Report, Fixed Add Place issue when internet not available. Now Place can be added when you are not connected to internet, Names is marathi and hindi changed for place.


(*Warning: DONOT UNINSTALL the ASTRO for update. Just run the update and it will do the needful)