How to Know Inner Nature of a Person

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How to know inner nature of a person from the chart:
-by Rajendra Nimje
Nature of a person is determined by houses 1, 3 and 9. Moon and Mercury shapes the thinking process. Moon is karaka for mind and mercury is for brain. Mercury controls the nervous system.   Lagna or Ascendant gives broad personality traits, third house for subconscious mind and ninth for conscious mind.
1.     If  sub lord of 1, 3,9 , moon , mercury signify 5 and 9 then person is god fearing , satvika, upright and delivers justice.
2.     If sub lord of 3 and 9 is same then a person is same internal and external
3.     If sub lord of the above houses is connected to 9,10,11 then he thinks about himself but not a bad character.
4.     If it is connected to 6-8-12 or Saturn , mars and Rahu then liar, cheat, don’t bother about others, he will go to any stage to achieve his goal
5.     If connected to 6-8-10 then partially successful in bad acts. If 6-8-11 then successful in illegal , bad acts
6.     If connected to 5-7-12 , Venus , mars then addict and indulge more in sexual pleasures
7.     If signifying 1,4,12 then such persons live alone
8.     If signifying 1-4-8 then such person lives alone and problematic for others
9.     If signifying only 4 then lazy personality

About Author: Rajendra Nimje is founder President of KP Astrologers Forum India. He has experience of over 25 years in KP astrology and has founded 'Sub-Harmonics' for accurate KP predictions.

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