Corona Virus & KP Astrology

Author: Rajendra
Published On: 14th March 2020

Background :Pandemic attack of Corona Virus in the globe. Originating from China and spreading over to Europe and Iran it now has invaded USA and India. Virus attacked more than 100000 persons in 100 + countries now and death toll has risen to 5000.

In India the Virus has affected more than 70 persons in Kerala, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Jaipur and spreading to other states fast. It is an onset of steep rise for Corona cases in India. WHO has declared the virus has pandemic meaning having a global spread. Governments have imposed travel bans, preventing mass gatherings, Shops and malls are empty or closed down, many companies asked their workforce to work from home.

In this backdrop it is natural to fear acquiring corona virus which manifests after couple of day and not immediately. Many of them are approaching astrologers and trying to find out whether the cough and cold they are suffering from is an incubation towards corona virus or it is just another disease which is not as deadly as Corona. It is natural for them as the symptoms are similar in initial stages and they want to rule out the possibility of Corona virus. Though afraid no one would like to go for screening on their own unless forced to. The fear of quarantine in hospitals is high among such patients.

Astrology is certainly helpful to know whether it is Corona or some other mild virus or no disease at all. We can help mankind who are facing this pandemic having spread over continents and now it is staring to engulf India.

KP Astrology will guide you to predict correctly on Corona virus affecting a person.

About Author: Rajendra Nimje is President of KP Astrologers Forum India having 30 + years of experience in KP astrology. He is founder of Options Theory and Sub-Harmonics Theory.

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