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Astro 5.1

Astro 5.1

30 Days Trial ware All Features Enabled

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Learn from the Guru!
Do you have a desire to learn astrology? Or You are already practicing astrology and want to refine your skills?


ASTRO 5.1.10 – E – Update

ASTRO 5.1 E update for those who have already installed ASTRO 5.1 and need to just download and run for updating the software free of cost. It will not overwrite their data/records

Template for KP Prediction

KP astrology is based on standard rules and principles. If followed step by step the chances of making prediciton errors are very few. However, it is human nature to catch hold on a thread and then build around that for any matter, predictions are no exceptions. In order to bring consistency in predictions a standard template is very useful.

Astro Pearl Beta

astro perl beta

Astro Pearl Beta

30 Days Trial ware


Astro Pearl Update
(Update contains Sub- Harmonics Theory, Rahu-Ketu Significators, Significators with Events, Birth and Horary templates, Backup and Restore utility and Tin-Win ji KP Rules)

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