Product Installation Help

Astro 3.3 version:

1. On receipt of payment, we will send the download link of the product to you.  Optionally, if you're not downloading we can send you a CD as well.

2. Install the product by double-clicking the setup file. You can choose another directly of your choice if you do not like the default directory indicated by the software.

3. After installation of the software and running the Astro first time, a registration screen will pop up. On your left hand side you see a box under which serialization code is written. A serialization code is also displayed inside the box.

4. Copy the serialization code completely and send by e-mail to and mention your purchase details clearly.  Please mention the product code as well. E.g. ASTE, ASTET etc. Further, provide us whether you have purchased the full product or a trial version.  If you already purchased a trial version and now upgrading to the full version please do mention that.

5. Normally it takes two working days for us  to provide you the activation code.  Please note that this activation code will work only for one computer either desktop or laptop from which you generated the serialization code.  The same activation code will not work for another computer.  Hence, generate the serialization code only on the computer which you intend to use for Astro.  Astro is sold on a single license basis and multiple keys cannot be given for a single purchase in the pretext of ‘key not working’.

6. The serialization code contains a unique number related with your computer identity.  This computer identity code is stored in our database against which we check fresh request for keys.  In case the computer identity shown is different then it will be presumed that you are asking a key for a different computer.

7. After getting the activation code from us, copy the same and paste in the box named as ‘activation code’ on the registration screen.

8. Click the accept button.  Depending on the type of question next screen will appear.

9. If it is a full version, the Astro will straightaway start with the main screen and you can use for any number of charts without limits.  If it is a trial version then Astro will show the number of runs left and the number of days left.  On every click of the new chart the number of runs will be counted downwards

10 .In order to protect yourself against the event of accidental crash of your computer you need to copy the folder where Astro is located on your computer system.  This folder should be stored separately on a different drive/CD/DVD.

11. The process of restoration is very simple.  Reinstall the Astro.  Copy the content of the backup directory to the current Astro folder. This will overwrite the vitals files related to the registry and will activate Astro again. If it is a trial version, it will show the stage when you reinstalled Astro.