Lesson 3

Sun represents father of the native, spirit and soul, power, resistance vitality inspiration It rules over native consciousness and denotes individuality. It is masculine, positive and hot planet   it is the owner of    Leo sign, is masculine  in  nature It rules east direction Sun  indicates independent business financed by father or business take over from him  However ,the native profession will much depend on combination of other  planets. It stands for Master of the event It generally indicates permanent position in life. .It rules spleen, throat and brain. Some of the products represented by Sun are pepper, ground nut, all variety in ice,. It also represents foreign exchange add  currency .it also represents Government loans ,gold bonds Reserve Bank, Chamber of Commerce Places  covered are forest, Mountains, Govt buildings. Diseases  are defect in Hear, right eye ,low/high, blood pressure hemorrhage, overheated  od effects, bile, spleen, bran related etc., This diseases are also in combination  with other planets. Sunday is ruled by Sun. 

Represents mind, mother of the native. Moon  moves daily about  13 degrees on an average. Moon is a cold planet. It governs over, impregnating, conception, embryo, birth of a child, infant stage of native  rules Moon is feminine nature. Moon owner of Cancer sign 4th house and   indicates his love for the country and his home. It’s characteristic is changeability. Moon influences   the brain. Moon represents water and water related areas le ponds tanks. Part of the body represented by Mon are left eye of the male, right of girl, the  breasts, stomach, esophagus ,uterus, ovaries, sympathetic nerves etc .Debases  given by Moon are lunacy, paralysis dropsy, epilepsy cold and cough, tumors ,intestinal uremia etc.   It  indicates  profession relate with shipping, water analysis’s, may deal in salt, petrol ,kerosene , milk Products indicated by Moon are cucumber, sugar, fruits, plantains, saffron etc.places indicated are oceans, mountains, forest .Monday is ruled by moon.

Mars represents strength, brothers, .It covers one sign in 18 months  It is dry and fiery planet and masculine in nature. Rules  Aries and Scorpio signs  it represents energy, both constructive as well as destructive ,depending on certain factors ,ambition  and desire, senses, animal instinct in a native. Self confidence endurance, impulse fo all ventures, heroic deeds, courage, sharp wit, mental activity etc can be attributable to mars but it is subject to its situation and  other factors in  he horoscope .Profession indicated by mar are military  services ,police, chemists ,factory service ,surgeons  etc. Products that are indicated by mars are Iron & steel, cashew nut, tobacco, toddy etc. Mars can also influence difference  of opinion  ,disputes, difficulties misunderstanding and  quarrels Mars governs the  external sex organs, muscular system, left  ear, face head  senses of taste, nose etc disease  may be acute  fever, plague, small pox chicken pox measles, inflammatory complaints, wound, fistula ,brain fever ,abortions etc. Tuesday is ruled by Mars.

 It represents speech. It rules over central nervous system, mercurial are highly inelegant, ingenious and analytical. grasping power, vacillation, retentive, curiosity for occult sciences. Mercury also represents learning without a teacher, ambitious to master every science, wit, frequent short travels It may make native attempt many fields but will not allow one study a project complete. Native will be clever, cunning, mischievous .His tongue and pen ever engaged against what he dose not like,  It indicates north direction, and owns Gemini and Virgo signs  Never pessimistic Profession will be sale representatives ,public relation officers, insurance agent ,propagandist, editor, publisher ,journalist accountant, income tax officer, musicians ,painters  etc .It represents  north direction. Disease related to mercury is stomach ailments, leprosy, piles, and nervous disorders.

Is represents knowledge talent, fruitfulness, masculine, joy, optimism, positive dignity., traveling, long journey, sociable, quiet law binding, true, honest, sincere dutiful. Jupiter rules over sign Sagittarius and Pisces Liver ,tumors, abscess ,skin troubles, temples ,law courts The native generally profession will be related judiciary, auditing accounts. Direction is north and profession will be connected to law ,teachers .It rules over liver ,tumors, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in he body. Disease can be liver complaints ,jaundices  ,hernia skin troubles cerebral congestion etc.

Venus represents life partner, marriage, feminine nature, desire or lust ,beauty, and comforts, wealth .It owns Taurus  and Libra signs Profession may include receptionist ,private   secretaries, salesman, propagandist, musicians, chemists gamesters, actors, film producers etc. It governs eyes, kidneys, cheeks ,throat generative system, skin etc disease connected to venus are affection to eye, disease of ovaries ,mucus, skin, anemia, swellings etc. It represents textile petrol, musical instruments, vehicles, perfumes, copper silver, Otto etc. 

It causes delay in any endower, it may also deny, it causes disappointment, disharmony, despondency, dejection, laziness, lethargy. misery   Perseverance patient working prudence economy, saving, endurance, thrift, stability  can be attributable to Saturn It represents all maters kept hidden or in secret, Saturn stands for mines, ores, excavation of tunnels, trenches, burial ground etc Saturn takes 2 ½ years to cross one sign to other. Saturn is chief governor of longevity. Parts of the body governed by Saturn are bones, hair, and growth, ears, teeth,  etc. It gives such diseases witch take long time to  be cured. Small pox, chicken pox, madness,  venereal disease, eye trouble etc. this also with Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius   Sign.s

Rahu & Ketu Or nodes:
These  are also called shadow plants not fully designated as planets, however ir in  judgment of a horoscope, they play  a important role. Rahu and Ketu affect spleen. Gas trouble and sharp acute pain are attributed to nodes. Snake catchers, ram, ass, camel, serpent, poisonous insects mosquito buo belong to nodes. Rahu represent parental ketu maternal grand fathers. These nodes can cause imprisonment., sinking with  the ship drowning, pleasure with disease  ,giddiness, life in hiding, foreign travel are attributed to rahu .Fear complex, insanity allergy, injury ,fire accent, punishment from government ,renunciation wisdom after suffering and bitter experience, weakness to have pleasure weakness can be attributable to Ketu.

Rahu and  ketu does not own any signs as all 12 houses/sins are connected to 7 planets, but they represent the   lord of the sign they occupy. It also  act as strong agents of to the planet with which they are conjoined. If they are not conjoint with any planet, then they give he results of planet aspecting them. Only in a scenario when  rahu/ketu are not conjoined or aspected by any planet, they give the results of lord of the sign each occupying. Both are ver stronger than other planets irrespective of conjoining or  aspect from them.. Some of the disease attributable to rahu are high fever, chronic diseases,  eyes, respiratory problems,  ,heart disease giddiness,

List  of attributes given for the planets are not exhaustive. For details reader  is advised to refer the K.P. books.

All Planets have 7th house aspect ,ie., from its position  in the  chart if    it is  at 180deg to another house planet it can eb said that this planet influences that house or planet  which it aspects. besides 7th aspect Saturn aspects 3rd and 10th house from its position in th chat, Jupiter 4h house and 9th house and Mars h and 8th house.

A aspect can be said to be a angular distance between two planets or between a planet ad cusp Some astrologers consider or count from sign to sign. An aspect t can be good or bad depending upon the nature of planet aspecting and  inter relation between aspecting and aspected planets.

For  example Ig Sat is in Capricorn if a planet is in Pieces say Jupiter, Saturn is said to be expecting Jupiter. Jupiter  aspects , Mars in cancer by 5th aspect and Moon by 9th aspect. Mars aspects Moon  4th....

 Jupiter 10.00







Mars   9.00

Saturn  12.00





A  planet strength gts modifie by the aspect of another planet or lanet.  Planet aspcting a house or cusp , the results of the bhava nature of the house gets modified by the nature of the planet aspecting Aspect s are of different  kindsi. Various deg. Main aspects generally considered are Trine  120deg, Opposition 180 deg, Square  90 deg .Sextile 60 deg etc Trine aspect is considered good especial jupiters[even 5th of Jupiter]. Or Opposition  bad .but this is subject to other factors...

Conjunction ;- Two planets in a house or sign ,the are said to be in conjunction. However the longitude of both planets is to be taken into account,. Planets with a distance between them not exceeding 12 deg only can e sad to be in conjunction not other wise. Conjunction is said to be very powerful when two planets are in same longitude or within minimum deg resulting in rapt conjunction.. The Orb is the permissible distance between two planes by which one planet can assert its influence  on another planet /house while   approaching or separating.

Planet apoaching   separating
Sun 12 deg 17 deg
Mon 8deg 12 deg
Other planets 6 deg 8 deg


When two planets  are  within the range of conjunction/ aspect, fast moving planets [ moon, sun mer, mer] behind other slow moving planets [ rahu, Saturn ,ketu, Jupiter ] will move towards the latter to complete the conjunction or aspect, unless  later planet is retro gated. In the coerce of travel Ii the same direction the swifter planet, if behind slow moving  planet ,is said to be applying to the later, and at a particular point both ae in exact  conjunction .As son as the conjunction or aspect is complete, the swifter planet will move away from it  when it is said to be separating from the conjunction/aspect as the case ma be..

It is a appearance caused by the combined motions of a planet and the earth and thei positions elative to the sun. No planet retrogrades in its orbit but is ever is in forward motion. The so called retrograde motion  occurs due to difference in speed of the planet  as seen from Earth as he  centre.
A planet appears to over take a planet, hen slow downs, there after it appears not to move [ a status of stationary] and then appears to start moving backwards in the zodiac. As the position of the planet I the zodiac is always referred to the background with full of ixed stars which among themselves maintain the same relative position. If the longitude of the plant is going on decreasing, then  the planet is in retrograde motion.
Sun and Moon are never retrograde. Rahu and Ketu are always in retro motion.
Mercury  reto for 24 days ,one da in stationar before and afer .
Venus  -42 days retro , stationary for 2 days
Jupiter  10days  retro,  stationary  for 5days
Retroaction status of a planet is indicated in charts or ephemeris as ,’ R’

The influence of retro status of a planet is debatable. Readers are requested to study KP books

The effect of conjunction, aspect or even retro status on a horoscope will be very vital and seen carefully.



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