Lesson 2

Rasi or Sign different from Bhava or Cusp

 Rasi or Sign is the division of the chart of equal longitude of 30deg. However when the birth  chart is drawn  manually or computer generated  for  a specific  time and place , it is seen that the division or longitude of each division is not equal, the difference ranges from1deg – 3-4deg or otherwise. This depends on the  place of birth under consideration.
This division[ of unequal measures] is called as house/bhava or cusp. The starting point of bhava or cusp is naturally the exact deg.min.sec noted by the astrologer in a rasi or sign. It extends upto starting point of immediate next bhava or cusp.  Generally  a bhava beginning is in one rasi/sign and end in next rasi/sign. But this is not always the case.. Many a time it is noticed that a bhava starts in one rasi, and also  ends in  the same rasi. The next bhava also starts in same rasi. In such cases two rasis/sign remain not representing any bhavas. Following charts illustrate the difference.

 12 20  D 19

I [Asc}25 D 22

2. 23 D 19

3 19 D 19

11 17 D 19.  29 D 43

4 16 D 19

10 16  D 19

5  16  D 19

9 19 D 19

8  23 D 19

7 23  D 22

6  20  D 19


12 0 D 40

I [Asc}7D33

28 D 10

3 4 D 20
429 D 43



11 27 D 40

5 27 D 40

10.  29 D 43
9 4 D 20

8  8 D 10

7 7 D 33

60 D 40

In the first chart F A     1st bhava start from  25 D 22 in Aries    to  23 D 19   in Taurus .
2  bhava start from 23 D 19 to 19 D 19  in Gemini and so on. Thus it will be seen that when we take bhava position ie.,  lagna or 1st and 2nd or 3rd the Cuspal longitudes are not the  equal with  two signs are involved in bhava.

 In second chart it is different Here the 2 bhavas or cusps are placed in same rasi. The  3 and 4th cusp are in Gemini  and similarly, 9&10 cusps are in Sagittarius. Cancer Aquarius rasis are empty. This scenario quiet often appears in various charts., such a position is called  Cuspal Displacement, which will be discussed  ata much later stage  of our lessons. For the time being it is enough one understand that cusp/bhavas can be in on12 signs or in reduced signs and with unequal/equal longitudes The reason for preferring cusp/bhava/house to rasi /sign  is due to the fact that it is rrived on actual longitude of the place of birth. Rasi division of equal longitude helps in understanding attributes of raises from  Aries or Pisces.

What does each Bhava stands for:
Next step is to understand each bhava starting from lagna bhava.ie.,  the events from birth of the native to the end of kis life cycle which can be read from 12 bhavas

 Some of the  matter to be seen from each bhava is as under The list is not complete and exhaustive,one may study in detail from books

1st Bhava or Lagna /Ascendant:
General character, appearance, physical features, body constitution ,health longevity, vitality, vigor, problems in life status in life .any  changes in owns life ,the native disposition, tendencies, successes or failures in life etc. Parts of body governed are head ,and upper parts of face etc.[ parts of the body mentioned here and down under are basically taking aries as lagna,so for other lagans  care should be taken in this regard]

2nd Bhava:
Deals with financial status, the inflow of money or jewels, precious stones ,gold etc,, the means for earning.. It is about family, life family connections, to express his thoughts, or speech, imagination, memory., This  bhava  is important when judging life span, as it is one of the maraca along with 7th bhava of a native,. Also speaks about marriage first or second. or progeny etc .Parts governed by the house mainly with Taurus as 2nd house are Nail, tongue, nose, teeth, cheeks, and chin. vision, memory, imagination

3rd Bhava:
Courage, mental strength, short travel, change of residence, inclination to study, correspondence, letters, thoughts writings, news, books, communication, younger brother/sister cousins, casual acquaintance and neighbor etc. House governs parts of the body such as hands shoulder blades, collarbone especially right ear, throat, and the nervous system if house happens to be Gemini rasi.

4th Bhava:
House, land, mother ,vehicle, learning. residence., relation, demos tic environment , qualification of the native .school education, higher education with 9th connection .4th house also deals with termination of any undertaking .bank position of  younger brother , loss of children  it shows one’s landed or immovable  property, curious secrets and secret life. it is connected with hidden things such as private affairs etc  It It also indicates whether one will have vehicles of his own. House  mainly  connects with chest, liquids of the body, lungs..

5th Bhava:
House of progeny. 5th is  considered for first child, intellect , games, sorts, dance, music, cinema, betting,. art, pleasure, society, social inclination, entertainment, poorva  punya attributable to previous birth, deeds. speculative nature Love affairs. Courtship, visit to holy places etc.

6th Bhava:
Debts, disease, wound,,name and fame, enemy, fear, humiliation, sickness, duration of disease, work especially  service rendered by the native, borrowings, ,indicate  favorable results in completion, mental agony, incessant eye problem ,etc. purchase or sale of  conveyance.

7th Bhava:
Legal bondage ,life partner, partner in trade or business, and degree of success achieved through such partnership. refers to people with whom native may have litigation, quarrels regarding any matter rival in any context.  It also shows break of journey, danger to life being one of the maraca stana. Etc.

8th Bhava:.  
Longevity, mental agony, obstacle, inheritance, legacies, insurance, accidents ,unearned income, suicides, infection, natural  calamities, the nature and mode of death, financial status of wife or business partner. etc..

9th Bhava:
Father ,higher education, long distance travel , intuition, temples and other religious places, wisdom, philosophical  tendencies, penance, teaching, research publishing related to religion science

10th Bhava:
Profession- service or business,, honor, status, dignity, and public esteem.  promotion or advancement in service or business, appointment. last rights to one;s parents, employer, supervisor ,judge and government  etc’

11th Bhava:
Gains, successes in any undertaking , desire, friends ,if one lent money to other this house rules principal and interest., prosperity, progress in attempts , desire to have reunion,. In ones physical body it rules over left  ear, right foot, left hand etc.

12th Bhava:
House of disappointment, negation, waste and extravagance, expenses, investment, foreign travel, deception purchases, charity, association with philanthropic institutions, repayment of loans etc.

reader should take  complacencies view of all aspects related to the mater under consideration before predicting an event.


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