Astro 5.1 Features

1. Best value for money

2. Windows8 -enabled. Backward compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

3. Accurate calculation of placement and houses up to seconds and sub- sub level.

4. Interactive Dasa, bhukti, antara and sookshma period calculations without giving all 120 year dasas ast one go

5. Wide choice of Ayanamsha:  KP, KP straight line, New-KP, Lahiri and Raman

6.12,000 places in database-Direct modification through internet

7. Ruling planets- Highlighting RPs in Retro star and Retro sub

8. Relation - A unique feature-  Rotated chart is auto generated as per the relation. e.g  Question given by mother for first daughter then the 5th house becomes the first house by this provision.

9. KP number selection from Astro randomly , very useful for self questions by Astrologers. 

10. Western aspects and Directions for daily prediction from the Natal Chart. 

11. Know-how: a unique feature for beginners

12. Predict: a special feature highlights the houses under consideration- Excellent results for begineers

13.Significators- Presented in the order of KP preference- Ease of Choosing, Special significators

14. Sub Harmonics a new theory for choosing the right significator 

15. 4 Step significators

16. Lagna Dasa System

17. Hora predictions

18. Reports:general charecteristics  of a person, Dasa-Bhukti report, Predictions unique for the chart,  A one page special report for astrologers to bring all in a nut shell

19. HTML, WORD, MHT format specially for e-mail users

20. Transit: Master- key to success - a single click highlights transiting planet rasilord, starlord, sublord, sub-sub Lord.

21. A versatile Matchmaking feature

18. Switch On- Off for Uranus, Neptune & Pluto for KP users

22. Designed by an Astrologer

23. Astro 3.3 now provides KP 2193  number charts adding more accuracy to the predictions.

24. Planetary position and house calculations now display degree, minute and also  seconds  for more accuracy.

25. Longitude and Latitude of Places in Astro 3.3 database now displays seconds for both adding further precision to your predictions.

26. Ayanamsha calculations are made accurate upto seconds.

27. ASTRO 3.3 now provides Extended Ruling Planets . Lagna sublord and Moon sublord are added to the regular RPs.

28. Planet grid sequencing  of planet, starlord, and sub-lord and sub-sub lord is provided as found convenient by ASTRO users.

29. A special working Template  useful for predictions has been provided to have consistent approach and to prevent missing of important significators by oversight.

30. Registration process is simplified by getting a unque serialization code from you over email or through SMS

31. Activation Key is provided over SMS to register and use your prduct immediately.

32.  Unique sub-directories  are provided for Natal chart, horary chart and KP horary charts. A single user can now generate many charts with the same first name and last name.

33. Search for unknown places  is simplified. Additions and modifications of places to the personal database is provided. Link to search longitude and latitude of needed place  is available without leaving the ASTRO interface. ‘Places' database has been thoroughly revised and new places have been added.

34. Daylight savings  are provided in ASTRO 3.3 for the countries where they are in use.

35. NEW-CHART feature  is provided for horary and KP horary charts.

36.A special feature of switching off Uranus, Neptune and Pluto  has been provided for KP users. One can make it on by again clicking the UNP menu.

38. E-mailing to  is now just a click away from ASTRO about menu. 

39.  Ticket Registration is available under help.